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We are people of God who seek to encourage spiritual growth and social well-being, so that we can work with others to bring true worth to the lives of people in our communities.


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Mid Lincolnshire is one of ten circuits in the Methodist Lincolnshire District

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Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.-Romans 8:39

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Wragby  - 10:00 Sunday 3rd July

United Service in Dove Park


Maundy Thursday at Scamblesby

Agápe meal

Agápe:- Greek agapē, in the New Testament, the fatherly love of God for

humans, as well

as the human reciprocal love for God. Greek for eternal love or selfless love.

In Scripture, the transcendent agape love is the highest form of love.

Doing something for another person, whether you know them personally or not,

is a shining

example of this particular kind of love.

Rev Cilla led the evening and seamlessly blended the preparing and

serving of the meal with the Communion of the Lord's Supper. The

congregation/guests were an ecumenical blend of people from various

local churches. The conversations were enlightening as were the

readings from the scriptures.

The tables were arranged in a square, with one side missing, so as to

represent a horse shoe shape, making conversation and interaction

varied and comfortable. The 2 course meal was a delicious home

cooked cottage pie, followed by a choice of puddings, in the spirit of the

meaning of agape love.

The evening was thought-filled and convivial and we all left,

appropriately, with bowed heads and in silence.

What a wonderful, and I’d add a successful evening, thankyou.

Marion Manson

(QS Horncastle)

Churches in Horncastle Area Together held a vigil for Ukraine on

Sunday night, 27th March, attended by over 40 people representing the different congregations in the area. Prayers for peace from the different traditionswere shared. We lit candles to remember all those affected by theconflict and held silence. We finished by singing Psalm 23.

Here is the Methodist prayer for Ukraine which was one of those shared

at the vigil.

Holy and Gracious God

We pray for the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia; for their

countries and their leaders.

We pray for all those who are afraid; that your everlasting arms hold

them in this time of great fear.

We pray for all those who have the power over life and death; that they

will choose for all people life, and life in all its fullness.

We pray for those who choose war; that they will remember that you

direct your people to turn our swords into ploughshares and seek for


We pray for leaders on the world stage; that they are inspired by the

wisdom and courage of Christ.

Above all, Lord, today we pray for peace for Ukraine.

And we ask this in the name of your blessed Son.

Lord have mercy.



Churches Festival 2019

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