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Welcome to the Mid Lincolnshire Circuit of the Methodist Church

Our Vision Statement is:

We are people of God who seek to encourage spiritual growth and social well-being, so that we can work with others to bring true worth to the lives of people in our communities.


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Join us for Sunday Worship, mid-week activities or contact our staff for christenings, weddings or funerals

Current Worship Plan


Mid Lincolnshire is one of ten circuits in the Methodist Lincolnshire District

Lincolnshire District Website

Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.-Romans 8:39

Safeguarding and Data Protection - follow this link

The circuit safeguarding officer is Mr. Lawrie Lambert 01673 857515

QS Walking Group

Regular walks organised by Queen Street Church Horncastle - All Welcome

Change to Website from 1st March 2024

When the website switched to this new format hosted by Wix we tried to keep the same name as before. Unfortunately because Wix is based outside the UK it does not support the domain so what you see here is run using the address of the old site which is still maintained by Rob Shirley.

This arrangement has led to some complications and people are still being guided to the old site in searches.

It was agreed at the last circuit meeting to bring everything under one umbrella, completely turn off the old site and rename this site which can supported by Wix.

If you are making posts on the site the procedure for logging in will be the same with the same password except that will be replaced with .info.

Sorry if this will cause any inconvenience at first. In the long run it should make information more accessible. Contact me on if you have any comments

Alan Paine


Mid-Lincs Circuit

Travelling Guild

All on Monday at 2:00 pm

CS = Christian Service

C = Cultural

D = Devotional

S = Social

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Suspended until further notice

Filling Station at Coningsby - no further meetings planned at present


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Heading 3

Circuit Leadership Team
As I prepare to take on the mantle of Superintendent Minister, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rev Sue Wilkins and John for all that have donein our Circuit. Our prayer is that as they move to their new home God willbless and use them.
We are blessed in this Circuit with a good team of both Ministers and Lay folk.
Right across the Circuit within our Chapels there are folk who work tirelessly to raise funds, visiting those unable to attend worship, contacting the preachers for Sunday worship, and maintaining the fabric of the building. I give thanks to God for the ministry and witness of those chapels where the ministry of the church goes beyond its walls.
In September Lawrie Lambert sits down from his role as Circuit Steward and our thanks go to him, and to his lovely wife Ann.
It is now up to those left behind to continue to encourage, support, guide and pray for our Circuit. Julie Close-Mitchel (Bardney), Ian Brown (Woodhall Spa) and our Circuit Treasurer Pauline Brown (also of Woodhall Spa) will be known to many of you, pray for them as they pray for you.
Deacon Jane Paine and I will be working as a Team across the whole Circuit,
and it is my hope that together we can offer our time and care for you all in one way or another. You may see either or both of us within your Church or Chapel from time to time. We will do our best to get to know you all – forgive us if we do forget who you are or where you are from, especially if we see you
at Horncastle Garden centre! Prayer for the Team, pray for the Circuit. God
Bless you.
Rev. Gordon.

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